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RACHEL/COMPOSER/EMPRESS depicts the self-fragmentation that occurs when creating a highly personal artwork (in this case, Rachel’s solo opera SPIDERLILY) in a capitalist cultural framework. In the piece, Rachel is commanded by an AI voice to perform tasks either as herself (Rachel), the Empress (her character in Rachel’s solo opera SPIDERLILY), or the composer-performer, moving between multiple selves at an unsustainable speed. The script is pasted into an online TTS (text to speech) reader, with the text {{pause}} registered as silences. When the script lists a task, it first utters the subject of the task (Rachel/Composer/Empress). According to the subject, Rachel changes into the appropriate costume of the subject and then complete the task as the subject. Over the course of the performance, the task overload results in the dissolution of delineation between each self.


Click on the photo to read the text score.

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